ANG People presents
created by
Martin Svoboda
special thanks go to
Eva Svobodova
Michal Rašík
Karel Vaďura
Tomáš Bejcek
Michaela Shejbalová
Lukáš Had
Renata Dvořáčková
Miloslav Dohnal

RELEASE DATE: 6. 6. 2018 on STEAM

Take the role of an astronomer exploring the depths of the universe in the new game ASTRONTYCOON. Build large and accurate telescopes to explore distant stars. Discover a habitable planet or an unknown anomaly in a far corner of the galaxy. Equipment and research funding are important aspects of your work. Get scientific grants and publish your results, explore new technologies and telescope components.


26.3.2018 - Game version 1.0 ready

OS testing in progress ...

RELEASE DATE: 6. 6. 2018 on STEAM

18.3.2018 - EN localisation done

10.2.2018 - Game 99% done

15.2.2018 - Czech localisation finished

20.2.2018 - FB and web page in progress

Start as an unknown scientist.

At the beginning, the game will explain to you several aspects of your work. It will explain what to do and how to do it. You will build your first telescope and explore a few close stars. You will discover a few binary star systems. The game will also teach you how to successfully fund your research.

Gradually, you will build up your fame in the scientific community. Scientific institutions will pay more for your research. You will make several new technologies available. You will build bigger, more complex and more accurate telescopes. The star maps will light up with dozens of new stars you have not seen before.

Soon you will be able to calculate the location of new planets and see them within star systems.

The game will gives you the ability to create your own telescope in several locations around the world. You will be able to combine dozens of components to make giant telescopes. New technologies will give you the knowledge to build space telescopes.

  • You can build huge telescopes, combine components and choose locations for construction

  • Study the characteristics of stars and planets

  • Work on your research to get the best results

  • Publish your findings

  • Sell your results for profit

  • Acquire new technologies

  • Find ideal stars for your research to maximize your profit.

  • Use grants from scientific institutions

  • Use the telephone to answer media calls

  • Search for habitable planets and space anomalies.

  • Be prepared for a few surprises.



The game will take you through 30 years of your career (720 rounds). If you do not go bankrupt in process, then the final score is calculated in year 2037. The game will allow you to proceed further.

Write your name in history alongside the greatest scholars of all time. Find a planet that is capable of hosting life, and your name will never be forgotten.


Screen resolution support:

1360 x 768 HD ~16:9
1366 x 768 HD ~16:9
1440 x 900 WXGA+ 16:10
1536 x 864 other 16:9
1600 x 900 HD+ 16:9
1680 x 1050 WSXGA+ 16:10
1920 x 1080 FHD 16:9
1920 x 1200 WUXGA 16:10
2560 x 1080 other 21:9
2560 x 1440 WQHD 16:9

Operating System Support:

Windows 7
Windows 7 64 bit
Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Windows 10
Windows 10 64 bit

Minimum system requirements:

CPU : 2 GHz single core
Graphics Cards: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory. "Intel(R) HD Graphic 4600" or better.


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Best regards,

Martin Svoboda